Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Update on list....

Here it is, just past the middle of January and I decided I had better do a little report on how my list is going.

My original list of 37 jobs blew out to 44 in the end and I am sure it will get another few before the end of the month.

And I am happy to report that I have done 26.5 of those jobs! Yahoo and yippee for me! Why 26.5 I hear you ask? Ok, so I have half finished a job.. that is I have done the taxes for both businesses, but have not completed the BAS for them.

In all honesty I should have made them two separate jobs, but too late now, it stays as it is.

The last few days of the holidays are here now and work and school routines will soon begin again. Hopefully (with all fingers crossed) I can get the last 17.5 jobs done before life kicks in again properly and becomes pure chaos.

Stay tuned....

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